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Professional architectural design services and structural analysis experts based in London specializing in residential,commercial and mixed-use building development.

We carry out planning permission and property developmment including
extensions, loft conversions,internal modification, layout and design, new builds as well as building regulations and structural design & calculations.

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Chandos RD, Stratford

Plashet RD, Green St

Barking RD, Plaistow

Falkland RD, Finchley


Loft Conversion, Extension or other design requirements to your property in mind? We can advise on practicality and acceptability to achieve both in design and in meeting local council requirements.


Once design is achievable our knowledgeable surveyors will provide a full assessment of your property, offering insightful analysis and precise measurements for any architectural project.

Design Approach

We will work with you closely to obtain desired and realistic outcome ensuring planning drawings meet regulations along the way. Our structural engineers will carry out calculations and analysis to ensure the stability and safety of your property prior to work commencing.

Project Management

If required; our committed construction team will carefully oversee every step of the project from start to finish, guaranteeing excellent craftsmanship, prompt completion, and close attention to detail.


Once all is complete.Victory will be yours.